Monday, June 1, 2009

"Needing" Part 3

by Julius
copyright 2005

Peter wriggled his way under the bed and looked up at her.

"Hello," she said, "I hope you realise this girl is hopelessly horny."

"Not a very ladylike thing to say," he chided her.

"Believe me, I'm not feeling very ladylike."

Peter sensed her helplessness, heard the need in her voice. He also felt the buzz that he got from the situation. She'd sucked him to orgasm minutes before and his awful desperation was gone. Peter was in control here. He'd never felt this before.

"Hey, wake up. This isn't very flattering," she said.

"I was thinking how helpless you are up there and how nice to be in control for once," he said, aware he'd really had been daydreaming.

She didn't answer and he realised that facial expressions were unfathomable when you are upsidedown.

Squirming under a little further he bumped against softness. He realised with a thrill that his head was against her breasts. Peter moved further, feeling the soft resistance and then her breasts slid around to rest against his cheeks.

He brought his hands up to touch them. They hung, big and heavy on either side of his face. Pendulous was the word that leapt into his head, yes, pendulous. He didn't think Cathy would like the word.

This was some kind of boyhood dream come true. His hands ran over the softness, the beautiful silky-skinned fullness. He moved his head, revelling in the feel of her lovely tits, in his hands and against his face. His erection felt huge.

Somewhere above him, Cathy moaned softly and said, "Oh, but that feels good."

"Unbelievable," he said, "they're so soft, so incredibly soft."

He pressed one and then the other against his face. He couldn't get over their softness and warmth. He cupped his hands under them, they were so heavy. He wanted to fondle and nuzzle and caress and suck and nip. He felt like a kid in a candy store.

Peter realised he wanted his cock between these lovely things. To thrust in and out while he squeezed them together with his hands. Her nipples were teasing at his palms as he caressed her. These beautiful tits were his to play with as much and for as long as he wanted.

She must have read his mind, "You're enjoying this aren't you?" she said.

"Well, who wouldn't?" he asked and turned his head left and right rubbing his face against this loveliest of flesh.

"Are you a tit man by any chance?"

"I love all of you, it's just that I came across these first."

"No sweet man, you came across my tongue first," she corrected him.

Peter grinned. Remembering she'd used some sort of lubricant on his cock, he craned his neck to look for it. He saw the bottle and wriggled further under the bed and retrieved it. He glanced up. Her panty-lesspussy was just above his face. A prominent bulge with a cute strip of pubic hair down its middle.

Cathy looked down in delight. Inches from her mouth was that wonderful cock again. The sweet thing looked huge and it waved as he moved. She felt her pussy clench in response to the sight. Her body ached for that penis of his.

Peter squeezed some lubricant onto his hands and reached for her breasts. He thought he'd put off fucking her lovely tits for a while. He just wanted them in his hands. They'd felt wonderful before but with this silicone stuff the sensations were beyond belief. More than handfuls, they seemed to have a life of their and kept slipping and escaping.

Above him Cathy was murmuring words of encouragement and telling him how wonderful it felt. She moved constantly on the bed and he guessed she was becoming more aroused as he played. Her nipples had grown huge. Unable to resist he wriggled closer so he could suckle on them.

She gave a loud, sobbing moan when he took a nipple in his mouth and sucked. Cathy thought she'd lose her mind as his mouth devoured the nipple. She writhed on the bed, desperately needing to close her legs, to squeeze her thighs together. She had to ease the tensions in her clenching pussy. Wrists and ankles tied, all she could do was squirm and beg him to stop. He did stop once and she begged him to start again. While he sucked, his hands constantly roamed over her breasts, caressing, squeezing. Her whole body seemed focused on the mass of nerve endings her nipple had become.

The orgasm hit. Seeming to come from nowhere it shook her to her core. She found herself bucking on the bare-wire framing of the bed as she sobbed her way through the waves that swept over her.

The sounds of her passion inflamed Peter. He wriggled his way further under the bed until his erection nuzzled her bosom. With his hands controlling the movement of her breasts and his cock between them, he began to thrust. He was in heaven.

The sensation was unbelievable. He squeezed and fucked her tits. When his cock slipped out he carefully repositioned it and began again. This was perhaps the ultimate masturbation. Warm slippery breasts and a raging erection.

From far away it seemed, came Cathy's voice, "It feels wonderful but I have a better idea."

"What could be better than this?"

"Untie me and I'll show you," came the reply.

"I was thinking of tying your breasts together and keeping you my captive forever."

"There's always tomorrow," she said, "but right now I need that cock of yours."

"You've got it," he told her, giving her breasts a squeeze and thrusting into the soft heat of them.

Cathy's casual words belied her desperation and, with a forced, patient tone, she asked, "Untie me please, Peter."

Peter paused in his tit fucking. The phrase 'I need that cock of yours' had got through the happy fog he'd been in. There was another place to slide his cock into. He thought of her mound in tight red satin, the cute strip of pubic hair leading between her legs ...

He wriggled out from under the bed.

She lay still, trying not to scream at him to hurry.

Free at last she slowly levered herself up, dragging her breasts cautiously out and free of the wire mesh. They seemed wonderfully swollen. She was a little unsteady as she stood by the bed but her body's hunger wouldn't let her pause.

She moved to the mattress, leaning against the wall and pulled it over onto the floor. Cathy dropped onto it on her hands and knees. She pressed her breasts into the mattress. Ass upthrust at Peter, her message was so very clear. She was all ass and thighs. His precious control was all but gone.

Cathy had balanced on the ledge of her body's passion all day it seemed. Now at last ...

He knelt behind her and she felt him spear into her. His cock slid in and in with no pause and his belly was against her buttocks.

"Just fuck me Peter, just grab my hips and do it." It had been so long, an awful forever since her pussy hadbeen filled like this.

Peter did just as she asked. He seemed tireless and Cathy came noisily as he slammed into her. He didn't stop and she orgasmed a second time. She kept asking him to fuck her harder and faster. She was insatiable it seemed. As she bucked and squirmed through her third orgasm he felt his own climax begin to roil in his balls.

His coming was a sweet, almost gentle affair but beautifully intense. He seemed to come forever. When at last he was spent they lay together spooned.

They slept.

It was dark when she awoke, dark and cold. There was movement beside her. She almost screamed and then remembered. A hand settled on her thigh and she squirmed back against his warmth. "Let's go find a proper bed," she murmured.

On her bed, under her duvet they clung together. No thoughts of sex now, just warmth and closeness. She'd missed this, oh how she'd missed it.

Next morning he brought her coffee and toast. They sat up in bed, side by side. She studied him when she thought he wasn't looking. She liked this man. They sipped coffee and made crumbs.

Incredible, to him, he was erect again. It had been the sight of her breasts, low and heavy. They lookedsoft and warm and he badly needed to touch and kiss. Most of all he wanted to feel the weight of them in his hands again. Her eyes lit on the contours of the duvet and she peeled it back. "Oh my! What a wonderful sight."

They didn't make love but somehow, there was an unspoken agreement that they would ... later ... not too much later.

They showered. When he emerged in shirt and pants she was in a big, pink terry-robe.

"I have a surprise for you," she announced.

She opened the robe and surprised he was. The corset was red and made her look exquisite. He stared.

"Would you lace me up? she asked.

"I'd love to," he spread his hands, "you're beautiful, have you any idea just how beautiful?"

She turned, he moved towards her, loving her ass. A thong peeped, all but buried. He wondered if this must be a dream.

Each time he tightened the laces for her she asked him to do it again, tighter. Finally satisfied she walked to the mirror, the restriction wonderful. She loved it. Peter ran the description 'hour-glass figure' through his head. Not quite he thought, but Lord, her hips and ass and thighs below that nipped waist, ... utterly beautiful.

"Turn round," he asked her.

When she did he just stared, his mouth open a little. The shimmery-red creation served as little more than a shelf for her breasts. They seemed about pour out. Tight, pale-skinned globes with an unbelievable cleavage. His cock seemed to writhe in his pants, he wanted her more than he would have believed possible.

Someone knocked at the apartment door. He looked at her and shrugged. Cathy moved to the bedroom and Peter went to answer the door.


"Dad! Where's, where the hell's Catherine?"

"In the bedroom," Peter said, gesturing.

Peter caught a flicker of red out of the corner of his eye.

"Catherine? For God's sake!" exclaimed Ron.

They both watched Cathy do a little pirouette and then stop, her breasts still jiggling.

"Hello Ron. I think I've found someone who appreciates the corset."