Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Just One Serving"

"Just One Serving"

A 100 word Flasher,
by Julius
Copyright 2003

Ravenous, they'd ordered in pizza, eating by the pool.

Now, fresh, fruit salad, her favourite.

He stood behind her. The too-small bikini had tormented him all day. He dribbled sun tan oil over his erection.

He nuzzled at her armpit with his cock head and she shrugged that shoulder gently. He thrust, slid through and she trapped him, almost.

This new exquisite tightness, him thrusting, her breasts jostling! Seconds only and he was poised.

She sensed it and lifted her bowl, holding it ready.

As he spurted over the fruit, she cooed, "Nothing like fresh cream!"

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