Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Lust at First Sight"

"Lust at First Sight"

A 100 word Flasher
by Julius
Copyright 2003

She was the bank's loans officer. Brian Jenkins' arrival had made her sunny, Spring morning suddenly much sweeter.

As he closed her office door her brain exclaimed, "Nice ass!"

He turned.

"Nice bulge!" her pussy purred. The handshake was powerfully gentle. 'Nearing forty,' she guessed.

She knew she was blushing and looked down at his application. He was divorced! He ran the "Appliance Repair Co." She'd had her old food mixer overhauled there last year!

Glancing up she met a smile that stole all her blue-suited poise.

Young Brenda the lender, had a blender mender on her agenda.

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