Friday, May 21, 2010

"Going Down"

"Going Down"

by Julius
Copyright January 2010

To “Playjock Magazine”

Dear Hugh,

My boyfriend and me were reading the letters in your magazine. When we got to the one about the woman who could control her cumming, Roger, he’s my boyfriend, said I couldn’t control mine, not if it was him going down on me.

We thought about it a while and I said I could control mine forever. So I’m sat here at the computer and Roger’s down there on his knees under the desk waiting to start on me. I’ve told him I can write and not cum and he’ll get too tired to keep going long before my whistle blows. He says he’ll make me come long before he gets tired. Should be fun.

I’m wearing a skirt. That’s kinda different for me. And panties too. Roger says that’s not fair because I don’t usually wear panties. But I said he’d have trouble going down on me if I wore my jeans so he said OK.

Anyway, here goes, I’m going to open my legs.

Aah! His hands are on my knees and he’s sliding the skirt up. Hope he takes his time, he usually does, Roger’s a great lover really. Hope he likes the panties. If he knew I’d borrowed them from my older sister that would turn him on I bet. I know he has the hots for Angela.

Oh God! He’s kissing his way up my left thigh. Higher and higher. Slowly, one kiss at a time. He says I smell good. I like that, the idea he likes the way I smell. I showered this morning but I only used soap so that’s my pure pussy scent he’s saying he likes.

Nearly at those panties. Jeez I can feel myself getting all trembly.

Oh no! He’s stopped and gone back down to my right knee. Must be dark under there so I guess he won’t really see the panties anyway. They’re pale blue and shiny, sort of satiny stuff. They’re too tight and they’ll really get in his way. They’re already in the crack of my ass. More like one of those wicked, little thongs he bought me for Christmas.

Here he goes, up my other thigh, little kisses I can hear him kissing and feel him too. Higher and higher, please don’t stop this time Roger. I want your mouth on me. I’m getting horny. This’ll never do if I’m going to outlast him.

Oh Jeez yes! That’s it Roger. He’s got his face pressed into my crotch now. He’s perfectly still against my pussy. God! Why did I wear these stupid panties? If I hadn’t, his tongue would be into me now I bet, honey dipping.

This typing’s difficult! I want to just sprawl here, grab his head in both hands and just fuck his face. Just hump my little cunny against his lovely mouth.

I shaved my little puss this morning. Now he can’t feel it because of the stupid panties! Never mind I’m supposed to be tiring him out aren’t I. But this is turning me on! Turning me on? Fuck, I must be wetting those panties now!

I can’t get my legs open any wider. Ouch! There goes that hip joint doing its click thing.

Oh I love it when he does that; kisses the hollows at the tops of my thighs.

Oh yes! Do it! He’s got a finger inside my panties and he’s pulling them aside. Ouch! They’re tight. I’m squirming my ass.

He’s found my bare pussy. Says he loves it. Like a little girl’s he says. He’s looking up at me now and grinning. I tell him I’m a long way from coming, which isn’t really true.

Christ! There he goes. His open mouth covers me. He’s biting, gently, a whole mouthful of my pussy. And he’s making that humming noise that he does when he goes down on me. Pressing his face between my legs, biting, worrying like he’s hungry and trying to bite piece of me. Oh God Roger, don’t stop, don’t ever stop.

I can’t type ……………... I need to keep his head there, I need to squeeze my tits, pinch my nipples, I need to come, Oh fuck I need, need, need.

He stops. Oh god, don’t stop I beg silently.

He looking up at me again, grinning again, he knows what he’s doing to me, how can he not, I can‘t keep still and I know I must wetter than fuck down there.

His hands move and now he’s peeling me open with his thumbs. My pussy gapes, it’s all wet pinkness. It’s hungry, a hungry pussy. Looks like it might bite him first.

Roger sticks out his tongue and wiggles it. All the time his eyes are on mine. Teasing bastard. Get at my cunt, I scream inside my head, get at my cunt.

Oh God! He does the lick thing. Lapping at me, bottom of my slit to the top. Once, twice, again and again. My hips buck, I want more and more and more and more. I know he’ll suck my clit next, I pray he’ll suck my clit next. Please suck my sweet little clitty Roger!

He stops again and tells me he’s going to win. His mouth is wet. I’m wet. He doesn’t know he’s licking beside the crotch of my sister’s panties.

I’m nowhere near yet, I tell him. Liar, liar, cunt on fire!

He looks down, tells me it’s a cute little clit. Tells me he’s going to bite it off. He touches it with tongue tip. Fuck, I’m rigid. His lips close over it and he sucks, sucks it in for his tongue to play with. He’s sucking, sucking my fucking clit like it’s my nipples.

Oh fuck, I gotta grab his head, clamp his ears with my thighs, keep him there and fuck his lovely, clitty-lickin’ face. I’ll be cumin’, I’ll be cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Oh Jeez, Oh God, Oh fuck, I’ve cum and I’ve cum. I’m done. Limp as lettuce. Sat in a puddle of cum. That rhymes!

I’m staring at what I wrote. Roger’s still down there, all wet faced and grinning because I came and he won and telling me we gotta swap places.

Angela’s panties are up between my cheeks of my ass, so tight it hurts. Soaked with my cum and his spit. Maybe I’ll make him wear them now, before I drain his balls.

Oh God he’s licking me again, says he’s still hungry. No Roger, no, I can’t, oooooh yes I can, please do it! Eat me! Eat me all up Roger.

Editors note: Sue’s account stopped there. We chose hers as 'letter of the month.' Well done Roger. Well cum Sue. Here at "Playjock” we agree that really, you both won.

A free year’s subscription to "Playjock" for Roger, don't forget to thank Sue appropriately.

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