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"Whither Bound" Hour Two

"Whither Bound" Hour Two

by Julius
Copyright 2004

Leading John by the cock, Lise takes him to the bathroom.

"Don't go away," whispered Lise and went back to the kitchen and reset the timer. John tested his restraints, no tighter and no looser.

He watched her as she came back into the bathroom. Her tee-shirt was still pushed up high, her lovely breasts bounced below it with every strutting step of her high heels. She saw him looking and put her cupped hands under them and lifted. Lowering her head, she caught her right nipple and sucked it into her mouth. John watched and wished. When she released it, the nipple was proud, glistening with her saliva.

Lise hefted her breasts again and said, "I'll save these for your dessert, so long as you behave."

She moved to stand beside him. Reaching for his erect cock she said, "I think he might break if I try to bend him down for you."

Lise took a facecloth and held it under the cold tap, soaking it. Holding the dripping cloth in one hand she used the other to stroke and squeeze him.

John just stood, eyes closed, revelling in the feeling of her playing with him. Her hand drove him slowly nearer to his climax. His erection felt as if the skin might split. He moaned softly. Oh God, but he had to pee!

Lise cupped the dripping cloth in her hand and brought it up over his balls.

He gasped and cursed her gently. His cock dwindled in her hand. She gave a little cry of delight, amazed at the transformation; rigid weapon to cute little spout.

"Now," she said, pointing his cock into the toilet.

"Not sure I can let go with you watching,". he murmured uncomfortably.

Lise knelt, still aiming him carefully. John stood and tried. Nothing.

"Relax," she whispered and rested her cheek against his hip, her other hand stroking the back of his thigh.

Finally, he sighed and she felt him relax and he began. She could feel the sudden rush of his release inside his cock, "That's sweet," she sighed, watching him empty. She loved it, he seemed so vulnerable like this, like a small boy. The flow seemed to continue forever. The softness of his cock, being able to touch, to hold it, a wonderful intimacy.

Finally the stream slowed. Her closeness, maybe the innocence of the moment, and no doubt the touch of herfingers worked their magic. His cock was stirring. She grabbed the facecloth again and wrapped it around the beginnings of his new erection. He sucked air through his teeth as the coldness enveloped him.

"I'd like to try something," she said, "Always wanted to do this, to feel you grow." She took his flaccid cock in her mouth. Her nose was in his pubic curls,his balls were against her chin.

John sighed, revelling in the heat of her mouth, the sight of her black hair below his belly.

She felt him stir, beginning to thicken in her mouth. The swelling head of his cock crept steadily along her tongue. She fought to contain him but the touch at the back of her throat made her draw her head back in reflex. Swelling, lengthening, his cock filled her mouth.

He watched as she slid back along his growing erection, more and more of him appearing outside her lips.

When she sensed him fully erect, she drew her mouth off him. "Wow!" she said, letting his cock head rest against the tip of her nose.

"Wow indeed," murmured John.

"Your turn to please me lover," she said, getting to her feet, "Come along," and she led the way to the bedroom.

John was in love with Lise's ass and happily followed, his gaze fixed on the swivelling globes in the pantyhose. Her long thighs, the backs of her knees, the firm calves sculpted by the tall heels - a lovely picture. But it was the ass that held his focus.

In the bedroom, Lise sat on the bed and then let herself fall back. She slid a hand down and ran her fingers tips over her mound, "Kiss it for me John."

John got awkwardly down onto to his knees. This 'hands-behind-the-back' pose was getting more and more uncomfortable. He moved forward, between her legs and bent to kiss her.

The soft cushion of her pubic curls between the pantyhose and her mound delighted him. That and the musky scent of her in his nostrils, had his softening cock rearing erect again. He ran his lips lower, deeper between her thighs, she was wet there, very wet. Soaked, raspy nylon under his mouth. Her breathing had become audible and his arousal was reaching a sweetly painful level.

He moved his mouth down her leg, kissing as he went. Her weeping pussy had wet her half way to her knees, while she'd been standing. He paused and moved up again to bury his mouth in her sex. Her scent was wonderful, beyond his words to describe. His cock seemed to harden even more, if that was possible. She was so wet. John wanted to drown in her. He cursed his restraints, wanting to slide his hands under her ass, needing to pull himself deeper into her.

Lise was in heaven. She was writhing; inside and out. Her ass squirmed on the bed. Everything inside her, from belly button to bush, was in delicious turmoil. Why had she put on the stupid pantyhose? She spread her legs wider trying to thrust herself against his mouth. She closed them clamping his head, holding him, wanting his mouth to stay forever.

John caught at her pantyhose with his teeth and tugged.

She squealed as pussy hairs were pulled out. The crotch of the hose tore a little, then a little more. Finally the nylon ripped wide open. Cool air washed over the wetness of her bared sex. Lise reached down, peeling her labia wide open with her thumbs, offering herself to him. She strained her thighs apart, a hip joint clicked.

John just looked for long moments at her beautiful gaping pinkness. He bent and slowly licked, up along her slit. She screamed and grabbed for his head, forcing him against her. She bucked her hips just once, bruisingly, against his mouth. Lise came.

John swallowed, loving the taste of her. He found the tiny button of her clit and sucked it, oh so gently, between his lips. He suckled, feeling her begin to quiver, hearing her beg. He played with this tiny morsel with the very tip of his tongue, teasing, drawing her on.

Lise came again and began fighting his head away from her, as her clit's nerve endings screamed in silent protest. She thought she may have nearly died. She lay on the bed, arms spread, legs wide, her breasts heaving. Lise was, for the moment, utterly spent.

John got to his feet, moved round the bed and lay down beside her. He needed release desperately and was getting close to begging for it.

Lise rolled onto her side, facing him, her breasts against his stomach. She reached out and took his erection in her hand. John groaned and murmured, "No more teasing, honey, please."

She had no intention of freeing his hands, but sensed it was past time to give his cock some serious loving. "Would John like to fuck Lise's tits?"

She smiled when he just groaned. "I'll take that as a yes." She rolled over and took the bottle of lube off the night-table and turned back to face him again.

John wanted nothing more than to fuck her tits. He'd have happily fucked her any way he could, any way she'd let him. Anything to relieve the awful pressures inside himself. His whole being seemed centred in his rigid penis.

Lise rolled onto her back, long enough to dribble lube between her breasts. She reached again for his cock and looked down at it. A wet patch on the duvet marked where his cock had drooled precum. She felt her pussy clench in response to the sight.

She eased herself close to him and, holding her breasts, she gently enveloped his penis with them.

The sensation was incredible, his cock wrapped in her breasts. The unbelievable softness as his cock head burrowed deep in her cleavage.

Lise squeezed her breasts together, trying to make the grip on his erection tighter. The lube made it impossible to stop his cock driving between them. The pressure on her boobs felt just wonderful. She began rubbing her thighs together. Incredibly her body was catching fire again. He kept fucking her cleavage and dreamily telling her how beautiful it felt.

"Oh God, I'm nearly there," he said in a hoarse whisper. His frantic thrusting slowed, almost stopped.

John wanted to hold back, to prolong the incredible. He felt the first boiling moments of his approaching orgasm. He tried to withdraw his cock from between herbreasts but it was too late. His begging voice said, "No! No! No!" and he froze. As the inevitable spasming started and the first gush raced along his cock, he made his last thrust back into the heat of her cleavage. His cock erupted.

Lise felt the splatter of his first spurt, hot under her chin.

Poor John uttered a desperate, "Oh yes!" with each gush. He came and came and kept coming. Lise clamped her thighs together, wickedly aroused again.

In the kitchen, the timer began its chirruping.

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