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"Whither Bound" Hour One

"Whither Bound?" Hour One

by Julius
Copyright 2004

She didn't altogether trust his talk of wanting to try the bondage scene. She'd glimpsed enough on the web about hot wax and labia clips and nipple clamps, rope and chains and kindred stuff. It's alright having safe words and promises and so on but ...

It was the 'but' that bothered Lise, bothered her enough to make her gently put him off every time.

He never really pushed the subject but ..., she knew he wanted to try.

He was a gentle man and passionate. He satisfied her and she him, but... Sometimes she wished they were a little more adventurous. They never talked about other roads. She wondered if the bondage thing was John's way of trying to add a little spice.

Trouble was, his idea of bondage seemed a little one sided and that was what worried her.

Then one day she'd talked to Angie, her best friend in all the world. "Well, why not tell him you want to try it on him first?" had been Angie's advice.

That was how come the kitchen timer was ticking away and John had his wrists tied. That was why John was wondering, a little nervously, about the next four hours.

When Lise had suggested she tried the bondage thing on him he'd jumped at the idea. When she'd said, "How about an hour?"

He'd replied,"Take as long as you like."

They'd settled for four.

Lise had slipped a black cable tie around each of his wrists. Loose enough to slip but only just. She joined them with a third tie. He might as well have been handcuffed. Sitting on the kitchen chair, he was pretty well helpless. The third tie that joined his wrists, also secured him to the back of the chair. Each time she'd snugged up one of those ties, the scratchy noise had sent a thrill right through her.

He wore just a pair of black briefs and Lise felt the familiar heat blossoming in the pit of her stomach. She had no real idea what to do with this helpless lover of hers. She did know she could barely keep her eyes off the lovely stuffed pouch.

She'd had all day to think about it and had had a few thoughts but this was new territory for her. Tease him was the main idea. She wasn't sure she could inflict pain, but tease yes. He'd pushed the idea for long enough. Hinting about a change being good for them. Something new, something different; John was nothing if not persistent. It had annoyed her more than he had realised. No matter how often she'd said 'No,' John would be hinting and suggesting again before too long.

Well, now he was going to experience a little bondage, but from the opposite side of the fence. Part of her was looking forward to this, but by far the bigger part was getting aroused.

Telling him she was going to get into something a little more comfortable, she left him sitting in the kitchen.

"Don't be long honey," he called after her.

In the bedroom she took everything off; blouse, jeans, panties and bra. Lise had thought about this part and put on brand new black pantyhose, a white tee shirt and lastly black, high-heeled pumps. She posed in front of the mirror and liked what she saw. Her breasts needed a bra really, but she decided they looked just fine under the shirt. Into the bathroom she went and peeled off the tee-shirt. She ran warm water into the basin and put it in.

Lise squeezed enough water out of it so it wouldn't drip, and struggled back into it again. She looked in the mirror and all but purred. What a lot of Lise, she thought. A day for firsts it seemed, up until then she'd only read about wet tee-shirt contests.

She walked carefully back to the kitchen in her high heels, suddenly nervous about this little scheme. Her legs and ass felt very naked in the hose. Her breasts were chilled by the air against the wet cotton, and she felt her nipples erecting. She glanced down, yes, the little devils were poking out against the fabric, wickedly prominent. How would John react? She smiled to herself, knowing exactly how John would react.

She click-clacked into the kitchen. His face said it all.

John was awed by the sight of her. The pantyhose and heels made her look so incredibly tall and leggy. But the jut of her nipples was what held his eyes. They seemed huge. Her braless breasts had a lower, heavier set to them, but those nipples, those crazy nipples. He groaned. He actually groaned. He felt his cock writhe slowly in his briefs, almost like an awakening snake, uncoiling. "Oh wow!" he exclaimed.

"Rule one," said Lise, "no more talking from you, not a word or I'll gag you, OK?"

John opened his mouth to speak but nodded instead.

Lise hoped he'd speak, she liked the idea of gagging him.

"Now then," she said, "let's see just how big and hard we can get that cock of yours." She took a pair of scissors from the kitchen drawer and moved towards him, opening and closing the blades noisily.

She cut the sides of his briefs, and then squatted in front of him pushing his knees apart.

John wasn't sure he could get any harder than he was already. Lise was close enough to touch but he couldn't move his hands. Squatted as she was, with her own knees wide apart, the crotch of her pantyhose was stretched tight. He could see the shadow of her bush under the nylon.

She reached out and peeled down the front of his ruined briefs. "Oh my, he looks pretty big already."

Lise wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch him, to put her hand round his lovely hardness. She'd thought that teasing her man for four hours would be fun, but by then her own arousal had got pretty intense. Maybe one hour, maybe, it would be nice to hear him beg, nice to tease him, play with him for a little while. She'd try.

Lise stood again and placed her hands behind her head.

John watched in happy disbelief as Lise swung her shoulders, making her breasts do wonderful things under the wet cotton. So big and so heavy, he longed to cup his hands under them, feel their weight, get his mouth at those nipples. He wanted to make love to those love-able breasts. He wanted her. His cock hurt, it was so swollen.

She turned away and bent over slowly to touch her toes. The chair squeaked as John shifted uncomfortably. Her ass, oh god her ass! It was covered in that glistening nylon, it looked so wickedlybeautiful. The seam diving between her buttocks, joining the crotch insert. Her pussy's contours were emphasised by the clinging tightness. He strained towards her and heard himself say, "Oh God, but I want you."

She straightened and turned back to look at him, "I said no talking. Now you'll have to be gagged."

Lise moved close. The tee shirt was tight and wet and all but transparent. Her nipples and their aureolae clearly visible. She turned slightly and leaned towards him, "Now what could I put in your mouth to keep you quiet?" Her right nipple was inches from his lips.

John leaned forward and his lips found the offered morsel. He opened wide and took nipple and breast, flesh and wet cotton into his mouth. He bit her none too gently, sucking water out of the fabric. Her nipple felt huge.

Lise groaned and closed her eyes. Her legs threatened to buckle. She felt the zap in her pussy as the signals flashed down from her nipple. She grabbed his head and pulled him against her breast, wanting more. She was beginning to lose it, she thought. She pulled her breast away from his mouth and turning slightly, poked the other nipple at him. Why couldn't he suckle both at once?

John wanted to grab her ass or slip his hand between her thighs or pull the tee-shirt up, but he couldn't. Surely she wanted him free, wanted what he wanted so badly? This bondage thing was suddenly too frustrating. Why had he let her tie him up? She had too much control this way, damn it. He pulled his head away from her, "Untie me honey, please," he begged her urgently.

"Naughty puppy!" she said. "No more treats for you." She peeled the tee-shirt up off her breasts and began swinging them. Her nipples brushed his nose and mouth. She leaned closer and actually began slapping his face with them. "No more treats for a bad puppy," she repeated. She left him then and went back to the bedroom.

John liked the feel of having his face struck by her breasts. Liked the sight of them, big and heavy and swinging like that. God but he wished he could at least grab his cock.

When she came back she had her little white panties in her hand. She stood in front of him and balling them up she pressed them hard against his lips. When he opened his mouth to protest, she simply popped theminside.

John was now effectively silenced. If he spit her panties out she told him, she'd tie them in. She held up one of his ties, to emphasise her point.

She squatted again between his knees and reached for his softening cock. She played with its head with her fingers and all but purred aloud as it swelled and hardened in her hands. She'd never really looked closely at John's cock, any cock, before. It was beautiful, she knew that, but now, with him helpless she could really take her time. She traced the veins on his shaft with a finger tip.

John sat and squirmed and wondered. He wondered about what Lise was planning. He wondered just what would happen and as his cock strained and ached, he realised he was at her mercy. He could feel her breath on his thighs, and her dainty fingers playing with the head of his cock. She was talking to it.

"Aren't you beautiful, aren't you just the most lovely thing?" she said softly, then, "ooh but you're leaking." She took his precum with her finger tip and slowly painted his cock-head with the slickness. A desperate need had built in her. A vacuum between her legs that begged for filling. Teasing him had turned into teasing herself and Lise wondered just how long she could deny her pussy its needs.

John felt her hair brushing his legs as she bent her head and kissed him. Her lips were around the head of his cock, tight and sucking gently. She raised her head and her lips made a loud kissing noise as he popped out. "My, but you taste good."

All John could do was groan, and beg silently for more. He stared down into her eyes. They were huge and round and wide, wide open. She took his cock again, her cheeks hollowing as she sucked. Could there be a more beautiful sight he wondered, than her staring up at him like that, while her swollen lips slid up and down his straining erection?

Lise knew he was getting close. He was beginning to thrust at her, fucking her mouth. She stood then and slid a hand down over the mound of her pussy. "You're not the only one leaking and horny," she told him. She ran her cupped fingers over the swell of her sex. "Should I rip my pantyhose open and straddle you and slip my wet pussy down over that beautiful cock? Should I? Should I?" she paused, head on one side, pretending to listen. "I can't hear you, hmm, guess you're not ready for it yet."

Then she ran her slick fingertips over his lips and under his nose. He caught the musky, woman scent of her and his eyes looked up at her, pleading. John had never experienced anything like this before. The unbelievable arousal and being unable to do anything about it. His cock was a torment, he could feel his every heart beat in it. He could taste her, his mouthfull of her panties, the panties she'd worn all day. She just stood there, legs and tits, pure girl power.

The timer announced the end of the first hour. She reached out and carefully pulled the panties from his mouth.

"I want you Lise," her said. There was a desperationin his voice that echoed her own wanting.

Then he added, "God but I need to take a leak, how about you untie me?"

She reached down and grabbed his cock, "I read somewhere that a guy can't pee while he has an erection. What happens if I keep you hard forever?"

He looked at her and squirmed while she gently stroked him.

Lise went behind him and took a new tie from the counter and slipped it through the two around his wrists. Then she took the scissors and cut the one holding him to the chair. He got to his feet with a groan, one of his knee joints popped.

She moved in front of him and took his still erect penis in her hand. "I'll help you," she said and led him, small hand gripping big cock, to the bathroom.

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